Ordering a Barwood Taxi is easy! Since you are already here you can book your trip now (link) Ordering a taxi online saves you time taxi, because the details of your trip are automatically entered. Or you can book a taxi on your smart phone or mobile device, using Barwood’s booking app. Download the FREE app ( here) If you prefer the traditional method, just give us a call at 301-984-1900. Our call center is open 24/7, 365 days a year. We never close on our customers.

Customers who repeatedly book trips but fail to show up or pay for the trips may be refused future service.
Montgomery County Department of Transportation regulates the taxi fares in Montgomery County and all taxis charge the same rates. To get an estimate, book your order online and select Quote, if you like the price, select SUBMIT. All licensed taxis operate by taxi meter. Rate for the initial charge is $4.00 and every quarter mile thereafter is $ .50. There is a $1.00 fee for additional passengers and luggage. Your fare can vary depending on the route to the destination, multiple stops and traffic.
Barwood Taxi offers personal and corporate charge accounts for customers who use taxis at least once a week. There is an administrative fee of 6% charged to the total amount of your invoice. We provide online billing services at and email or mail invoices twice per week.

By opening a Barwood charge account you will have access to WebCharge where you can download your detailed invoices and voucher images at no additional cost. For your protection, we suspend accounts that do not have activity in 90 days.
Yes. Per MontgomeryCounty regulation, drivers can charge $1.00 per additional passenger.
No, all taxicab companies in Montgomery County charge the same rates and no discounts or coupons are permitted by MontgomeryCounty regulators.
Yes, all Barwood taxis are equipped with VeriFone Passenger Information Monitor (PIM) which allow us to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and our very own Barwood Gift Card. There are a lot of benefits to the Barwood gift card. Once you register your card, you can reload funds, retrieve past trips and receive an email every time the card is used.
No. Drivers of Barwood Taxi and for-hire vehicles and their passengers are exempt from laws regarding car seats. Passengers with children are encouraged to bring their own car seats, which the drivers will allow passengers to install. For an additional fee, if you are flying and do not wish to take your car seat on your flight, we can transport the car seat back to your home.
In compliance with Federal law, all ADA or service animals will be transported at no additional charge.
Barwood Taxi is one of the transportation providers for Washington Regional Alcohol Program’s SoberRide program. Called one of the nation's most successful free cab ride programs for would-be impaired drivers, SoberRide helps ensure greater Washington, DC residents have a safe way home on select high-risk holidays throughout the year. People too impaired to drive are eligible to receive a free cab ride home (up to $30) during designated hours. Some rules & restrictions may apply. Please visit the SoberRide site for dates and details.
We’ve all had that sinking feeling when we realized we left something important behind. Barwood wants to help you retrieve your lost item. If you think you left something in a Barwood taxi, please call 301-984-8294. Our receptionist will direct your call, or email, QualityAssurance@barwoodtaxi.com. In addition to a description of the item, please provide the following details.

1. Date and time you think you may have left the item in our taxi

2. Vehicle number (if you have it)

3. Your name and phone number or email address so that we can reach you.

4. If you paid by credit card, we can identify the taxi by the last 4 digits of the card and expiration date.
Barwood TaxiPlus vehicles are modified minivans with wheelchair ramps or lifts that are capable of accommodating people who ride in their wheelchairs and can also transport additional passengers. We request that our Taxi Plus customers book in advance because we have a limited number of vehicles available and high demand.
Barwood Taxi offers two forms of advertising for local businesses.

Taxi top
Barwood Taxi top advertisements are traveling billboards that capture the attention of travelers, pedestrians, visitors and residents of our community.

VeriFone Video Advertisement
Each Barwood vehicle is equipped with a VeriFone Passenger Information Monitor installed in the back seat of taxicabs. Barwood Taxi transports over 5000 customers per day. The VeriFone PIM serves three purposes: 1) convenient credit card processing for our customers; 2) entertainment for our customers; and 3) to provide advertising opportunities for local businesses and non-profits.

If you are interested in receiving a quote to advertise your services or product, please send an email to QualityAssurance@barwoodtaxi.com.
Per Montgomery County law, the driver has a duty to accept and convey passengers where directed upon dispatch unless: the taxicab is out of service, the driver is expressly committed to another passenger, the driver is prohibited by law or regulation from accepting passengers or the driver reasonably believes his life or safety is in danger. See below for our Taxicab Customer Bill of Rights.

Barwood Taxicab Customer Bill of Rights
As a taxi rider, you have the right to:

• A safe and courteous driver who obeys all traffic laws;
• Pay for your ride with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) or Barwood gift card;
• Go to any destination within our jurisdiction, as long as the trip starts OR ends in Montgomery County;
• Have your driver take the most direct and cost efficient route, or one of your choice, to your destination;
• Air conditioning or heat on request;
• Request a noise free trip: no excessive horn honking or loud radio;
• A clean taxicab: interior and exterior;
• Be accompanied by a service animal;
• A driver who does not use a cell phone while driving, unless it is a hands free device for taxicab business;
• Decline to tip for poor service.
We pre-assign early morning and late evening airport trips to ensure you receive the best on-time service. If you have an important event or appointment where time is of the essence, order Executive Taxi Service so that your trip can be pre-assigned to an Executive Taxi driver. If you want your trip assigned to a driver, please reply all to your confirmation email.

Taxis booked for right-away service are dispatched to the first available taxi in your area. The average response time is less than 15 minutes. Sometimes the wait can be longer during rush hour , when there is high demand, or from 10:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., when fewer drivers are on the road.

1- If you are paying for someone’s trip and they will not have the card to swipe in the taxi, there may be a preauthorization hold on your card for the estimated amount for 3-5 business days. This varies by financial institution.

2- What to do if your taxi has not arrived?
Email call center with either your confirmation number of the phone number that was placed on the order. Call the Call center, 301-984-1900

3- What if you have to make a change to an order booked on the web?
Reply all to the email confirmation and request the change.

You will receive an updated confirmation email.


(301) 984-1900